How Allow cetain programs to use Internet connection

I have many a times heard people saying – I activated n GBs of Internet plan and it got used up entirely within n number of days even though I haven’t actually used so much bandwidth since I only did web surfing.

This generally happens in a situation in which an application other than your web browser have access to Internet and is using it for downloading purpose, it may be your antivirus program using Internet for downloading virus definition or may be your favourite software using your Internet bandwidth for download program updates. Also your bandwidth gets used up when your computer starts downloading Windows updates in background which are generally bigger in size, hence more bandwidth consumption.

In most of the situations, the user generally find no reason to ‘allow’ these programs to use(waste) their Internet bandwidth for downloading things in background which are of no use.

This article is dedicated to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users who wish to save Internet bandwidth by limiting Internet access of various programs. You will not only learn the way to save Internet bandwidth but also the way to increase Internet speed.

You might have read my earlier article where we used third party application to find and stop program from using Internet or how to turn-off Windows update to save Internet bandwidth but in this article we are going further, and I would show you the trick to allow only certain programs to use Internet so that your bandwidth doesn’t gets wasted.

From Windows 7 onwards, the in-built pre-installed Firewall program have become more powerful and provides all the feature which will allow us to disable programs from using Internet connection, so no need to install any software to achieve this aim.

To allow only certain program to use Internet, follow the given steps :

Step 1: Click on Start button and then click on Control Panel

Step 2: The Control Panel window will appear, make sure that Small(or Large) Icon View is selected in “View by:” option in top-right corner

Step 3: Click on Windows Firewall

Step 4: Windows Firewall window will appear

Step 5: In left side of Windows Firewall window, click on
“Advanced settings” option

Step 6: Now a new Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window will appear on your screen

Step 7: Now in left side of the window, click on Outbound Rules

Step 8: Now in right side of the window under “Actions”, click on “New rule…” option

Step 9: A wizard will appear on your screen, Select “Program” radio-button and click Next button

Step 10: Now make sure “This program path:” option is selected, now click on Browse button

Step 11: Now navigate and select the main EXE file of the program only which you want to allow to use Internet connection and then click on Next button, this means except your selected program(exe file) no other application on your computer will be able to access Internet and use your bandwidth, this will save your Internet bandwidth and bill.

Most of the installed programs are present in folder named “Program Files”[Or “Program Files” and “Program Files (x86)” in case of 64-bit Windows OS] in Windows drive, i.e. C: drive.

Example – Suppose you want to allow only Firefox web browser to use Internet, then click on Browse button and goto C drive then “Program Files” folder and then open “Mozilla Firefox” folder and select “firefox.exe” under it and click on Next button.

Step 12: Now in this step select “Allow the connection” option if you want the selected program to have Internet access and then click on Next button.

Step 13: If you are not sure of this step, select all the three check-boxes i.e. Domain, Private and Public and click on Next button

Step 14: Now give any name to this rule, For example – Allow Firefox(if you selected Firefox in Step 11) and now click on Finish button.

Step 15: Now in the Right-click on the rule you have just selected(for example “Allow Firefox”) and click on “Enable Rule” option.

That’s it! You have just now learned the trick to allow only selected programs to use your Internet connection, now you have to follow these steps for every individual program which requires Internet access, you can also disable the rule by selecting “Disable Rule” option after right-clicking on the program.

Doing this will not only save your internet bandwidth but also will increase your Internet speed since except your selected programs, no other application is using your Internet connection in the background.

Wasn’t this easy ? Now only selected programs can use your Internet connection and you will save your Internet bandwidth and money. You can also try our Opera Mini on PC trick to save your bandwidth upto 90%.

Your comments always inspire us to write more and more, so leave your comment below, if you have any questions or just want to say thanks.

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